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Zeobercom assure la sécurité de la cérémonie de remise des prix dans le nouveau district oriental de Chengdu


projet de système anti drone

On April 28, Sichuan provincial government approved the establishment of Chengdu Eastern New District. At 10 am on May 6, Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Sichuan Provincial Government awarded the new district license at Dongjin Conference Center in the Eastern New District of Chengdu.


After Chengdu Eastern New Area was officially listed, the Project Commencement Ceremony was held at the construction site, which demonstrated the vigor and infinite potential of the Eastern New Area. A total of 238.5 billion yuan will be spent on 51 projects, including high-tech projects, medical and health care projects, urban parks and apartments for talents, marking a new stage from comprehensive planning to comprehensive construction in the Eastern New District.

projet anti drone

In order to ensure the safety of the ceremony, Zeobercom came to the project construction site with the Anti-UAV Defense System, and made defensive deployment for the Awarding Ceremony and Commencement Ceremony in Eastern New District of Chengdu, so as to ensure the low-altitude security of the site.

projet de drone de défense

At the site of Commencement Ceremony, Zeobercom deployed radio monitoring equipment and omnidirectional jammer. The two devices formed a "low-altitude safety guard network", which could detect, confirm and strike the low-altitude small aircraft within a range of 3 kilometers, preventing the rogue flight from approaching the site airspace and ensuring the smooth progress of the ceremony.

projet de système anti drone

For this low-altitude security task, we arrived at the Commencement Ceremony at 6 am with our Anti-UAV Defense System, and deployed the system equipment at 8 am. The Commencement Ceremony started smoothly at 9 am, and ended at 11:30 am. Zeobercom successfully completed the task. During the period, we monitored in real time where there were rogue flights in the designated low-altitude area without any slack, fully and effectively guaranteed the low-altitude security of the designated airspace at the Commencement Ceremony Site, and successfully completed the low-altitude security task.

projet anti drone

Zeobercom Anti – UAV Defense System


Zeobercom, as the world's leading provider of low-altitude security solutions, has independently developed an Anti-UAV Defense System for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones, which realizes the full-time, full-coverage and whole-process prevention and control management of sensitive airspace. Through the combination of active detection means of radar and passive detection means of radio frequency detector/radio monitoring equipment, the system can realize real-time detection and detection of long-range UAV, obtain high-precision positioning information of UAV target, and then realize the confirmation, identification, locking, tracking and forensics of the target through the linkage intervention of photoelectric equipment. After the suspicious UAV is confirmed, the target can be quickly and effectively disposed of with multiple combination strategies through navigation decoy equipment and drone jammer, so as to realize the functions of driving the target away, in-situ landing, fixed-point trapping and heading guidance.


In order to cope with the increasing threat of UAV, especially small UAV, anti-UAV technology is an emerging technology in recent years, and is also the focus of attention of various countries. The growing air threat also makes it imperative to develop anti-UAV technology and its products. Zeobercom, an anti-drone industry expert, has developed an anti-drone system for drones. This system has realized the whole time, the whole coverage and the whole process control and management of the sensitive airspace. System by radar active detection means and combination of passive found means of radio monitoring equipment, implementation of UAV real-time detection, found that over a long distance for UAV target of high precision positioning information, again through photoelectric equipment linkage intervention to achieve the target recognition, identification, lock, tracking, and forensics. After the suspicious UAV is confirmed, the target can be quickly and effectively disposed of with multiple combination strategies through navigation decoy equipment and jamming equipment, so as to realize the functions of driving the target away, in-situ landing, fixed-point trapping and heading guidance.


The system is realized with irregularities, illegal access to the sensitive airspace unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for real-time monitoring, analysis, prediction/alarm and flexible disposal, prevent the occurrence of major malignant accidents, improve users quick reaction ability and emergency response capacity, form the new mechanism that is scientific management and efficient command, to ensure sensitive airspace for security and stability.

projet de drone de défense

Chengdu Zeobercom Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which is a national high-tech manufacturer in Sichuan Province (Southwest of China) owning a strong R&D core team with high education and abundant experience to develop and research, produce Anti UAV Defense System. We have been pursuing higher customer satisfaction, sustainable business development and long-term and mutual benefit cooperative relationships with every sincere partner and potential client and have established a long-term and mutual benefit cooperative relationships with many large-scale industrial enterprises and important scientific R&D institutes and obtained good reputations from our cooperative partners.


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To learn more about Anti-UAV Defense System, welcome to contact us.

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